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Does your insurance cover that? Ask 


Take the guesswork out of your healthcare with instant answers to your coverage questions.

Stop overpaying for healthcare.

Our HIPAA-certified experts find and fix issues with your medical bills to save you up to 90% on healthcare. 

100% free until we find you any savings.

Congrats, you saved $467 on your last bill!



Fun Fact:

Our 10 pilot users have saved over $20k in overcharges (that's more than $2k per bill)!

How It Works

How It Works



We get your bill and authorization.

Just upload a picture or PDF of your itemized medical bill and insurance card. Then, give us permission to work on your behalf. That's it. 


Customer privacy is top of mind for us. Your data is safe, secure, private, and never shared without your permission. 

We check for issues.

Our AI and healthcare billing experts check for any errors in your medical bills for free.

Save time and feel confident that you're not paying something that you don't owe. 





You save money. 

Get a detailed run down of what errors are present with detailed evidence from your policy and claims. Skip the hassle and let us dispute your bills for you.  

We get results.

To date, we've saved our users


(and counting)!

And don't just take our word for it. Here's what our customers are saying. 

 "I contacted Glassbox for help and they provided me with details on how I was being wronged. They negotiatied my bill down from $3855 to $185!"

Raj T., Georgia

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After having their first child, David and Katie received a medical bill that was $15,000 more than it should've been. It took them 3 weeks to negotiate it with their insurance. 


This wasn't something new to them. As a Registered Nurse, Katie saw patients every day who would leave her hospital because they didn't know what their care would cost them- and were too scared to find out. She knew this was unacceptable and vowed to try her best to change it. 

She recruited David and Shoale and together they built Glassbox Health. They are using their combined knowledge of medicine, health insurance, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to create a platform that helps provide patients with the most transparent healthcare experience possible. 

Glassbox Health is working to take the burden of bill reviewing off of patients so they can focus back on healing and wellness. 

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